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What is the Furry Army?

RSPCA Victoria is looking for passionate people to join our Furry Army and help put animal welfare firmly on the political agenda this Victorian state election.

The more troops we rally, the easier it will be for our political leaders to see that Victorian voters care about animal welfare and want action.

Anyone can join the Furry Army:

  • Young or old
  • Pet owner, animal lover, concerned citizen
  • Seasoned campaigner or political novice
  • Team dog or team cat
  • Feathered or furred

Whatever our differences, Furry Army advocates are united in our shared belief that animals deserve #AFurGo this election! If you agree:


Join now!


There’s all the more reason to join us if you live in a marginal electorate!

What's involved?

As a member of our Furry Army, RSPCA Victoria will send you regular email updates, tools and resources to help you take action in support of animal welfare – whether that be online, in your community, or at the ballot box on November 24.

Every action, no matter how small, can make a huge difference for animals.

What are we calling for?

RSPCA Victoria funded a study to determine what key animal welfare issues Victorians want to see on the political agenda this state election. More than 2,000 people, including more than 700 in marginal electorates, shared their views.

From that study, we identified four key issues that resonate strongly with voters and have the potential to significantly improve animal welfare.

By signing up to our Furry Army, you’ll learn more about¬†our election priorities and what you can do to help influence policy changes that will have significant welfare benefits for animals.

Take a look at who has endorsed our election priorities.

Take action!



to the Furry Army today and receive regular updates, tools and resources that will help you be a strong advocate for animal welfare this state election:



your friends and family.
Share these social assets and get the word out!



our Community Poster

Hang this poster in your window, on your fence, at your school, workplace etc.

Not only will you help raise awareness about the campaign and our Furry Army, you’ll make it clear to visiting MPs and candidates where you stand on animal welfare!